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Strengthen your networking competence in three weeks and build a successful career!

Are you tired of writing job applications and want to do something different?

Do you need an energy boost and help to start networking with others in a similar situation?

Do you want to get closer to danish culture, business and engage in dialogue with relevant businesses?

Do you want to strengthen your ability to networking to create success in your future career?

Did you know that well over fifty percent of all job vacancies are filled through networking? And that strategic networking is one of the most important elements of employability?

Strategisk networking

Strategic Networking is a theoretical course combined with a clear practical focus. This means that not only do you learn about networking, you also learn how to use that knowledge to create action and results in your job application.

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29th of November 2021
  1th of December 2021
  6th of December 2021
  8th of December 2021
  16th of December 2021

What you can expect from the course:

  • The course spans over 3 weeks with 4 days of teaching. You must expect homework within your networking group between the days of teaching.
  • You will be part of a networking group which helps and spars with each other through the course.
  • You will get an e-stimate personal profile which helps you identify your strengths and challenges.
  • You will receive a personal networking strategy.
  • You will be given the proper attire to start networking strategically and contacting relevant businesses/people.
  • You will learn how to make a powerful impression at a job interview.
  • You will get knowledge, concrete tools and a lot of practical training within networking behaviour and communication.
  • You will come closer to businesses and industries and learn about the Danish culture.

The course will end with an oral exam whereafter you will receive a diploma (5 ECTS points) and a networking certificate.


Business Academy Dania, Randers, Minervavej 63, 8960 Randers

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You can get this job-oriented education funded by your job center. Contact your job consultant today or you can sign up here – then I will contact you for a talk about your options

Tilmeld din borger (til dig der er jobkonsulent)

Hvis du er jobkonsulent, kan du tilmelde din borger til forløbet herunder. Jeg skal nok sørge for at kontakte ham/hende og give de praktiske infomationer i forbindelse med kurset.

"I am so happy that I signed up, because the course has not only helped me in my job, but I have also learned an incredible amount about myself."
Former student